February 11, 2016

Watson Lake Prescott Portraits {Ashley Rae}

Ashley is a dear friend of mine and also a wedding photographer! I can’t remember exactly how we met, but we just clicked! It’s so amazing to have a group of strong women supporters around you who want nothing but the best for you and who want’s to see each other succeed. Ashley did my headshots recently so it was only fitting that I returned the favor!

We went up (down?) to Prescott Valley to Watson lake because I KNEW I wanted to go where I have never shot before. The temperatures dropped as we got closer and when we arrived, there was snow on the ground. Needless to say, it was COOOOOOLD. Ashley brought along some amazing outfits! Her blush skirt was inspired by me (I also have the same one, but it looks so much better on her!) and the green dress just complements her skin tone so well! We definitely had some adventurous times hiking the paths in our flip flops, scaling mountains and rocks and dipping our toes in the freezing water.

At the end of this session, I found that I had a love for headshot and portrait photography! I would love to do more of these! Get creative and just have fun. Here are just SOME of my favorites of Ash.

Ashley – thank you for trusting me with your headshots – I hope you love ’em. 2016-02-10_0002 Ashley-10 Ashley-14 Ashley-4 2016-02-10_0003 Ashley-6 Ashley-16 Ashley-21 2016-02-10_0001 Ashley-23 2016-02-10_0005 Ashley-44 Ashley-35 Ashley-66 Ashley-34 2016-02-10_0006 Ashley-54 Ashley-60 Ashley-51 Ashley-63 Ashley-48 Ashley-39 2016-02-10_0004 Ashley-71 Ashley-70 Ashley-77 2016-02-10_0009 Ashley-79 Ashley-83 2016-02-10_0008 Ashley-92 Ashley-109 Ashley-100 Ashley-114 2016-02-10_0007