November 6, 2015

Tips & Tricks Part 5: Top 5 tips on picking your wedding venue!

On the blog today, from one of my favorite new humans, Kyle Shields – the event manager at one of my favorite venues Venue at the Grove  shares his top 5 tips on picking your wedding venue! It might seem daunting when you look at everything you have to plan for your big day and it can get overwhelming to go from one venue to the next without really knowing what you want. So before you even get in the car to drive to a venue, see what Kyle has to say below.


Tip 1: Save the Date

Knowing the month or specific date you want is key. Venues book 12-18 months in advance depending on the time of year. The most popular months for outdoor weddings in the Phoenix area are April, October, and November.


Tip 2: All in the Stars

Use wedding websites such as and to research venues in the area. These sites feature reviews from previous clients and their experiences with wedding professionals.  This will provide a good sense of what each vendor and wedding professional is like to work with and if you have any concerns to address them early on with the company.


Tip 3: Know What You Want

Know what is important to you and your partner.  Do you want the time saving benefits of stress-free hassle of your wedding venue handling the vendor contracts, payments, and you get to do the fun stuff like tastings and selecting floral, etc.?  Do you want an abundance of entertainment and activities?  Is the catering the most important aspect? Knowing what is important to you gives you a good foundation to start your search and evaluating venues and vendors compatible to your wish list.


Tip 4: Required Vendors & Payment Structure

Each venue has different policies and reasons regarding which vendors are required. Ask who is required in-house and which vendors you are able to bring in up front to determine what venue would be the best fit for you. The payment structure for each venue is also different, so you will want to inquire how the payment schedule works and what is required up front to secure your date.

Jessica Q Photography

Tip: 5: How much are you willing to take on?

Make sure you know what service is provided by the venue and what you would be responsible for doing when it comes to setup/cleanup and decor. You want to enjoy your wedding day so this is a BIG factor to consider. The goal is to be STRESS-FREE on the day of your event and so it becomes extremely helpful when Day of Coordination is included.

Jessica Q Photography

Bonus Tip: Think you found the right venue, how do you know?

I see couples’ reactions all the time when they’ve found the right venue. It’s that twinkle and spark that ignites within them and they just know.  You will know too when you can picture yourself getting married or celebrating at a particular destination.  Trust me, it will feel right!  Remember you’re planning your special day and one the most important factors to remember it to ENJOY that planning experience and not to force it.

Jessica Q Photography

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