April 2, 2020

The Sirens – La Jolla San Diego

This seaside editorial in La Jolla San Diego was a breath of fresh air for me. In preparing for this shoot, the workshop host (and one of my good friends) Ashley Rae told us to think of them as sisters and to build a story for them in our heads. My mind immediately went to the story of the Archeron sisters in one of my absolutely favorite series A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. I love this author and this series because every subsequent book gets better and better. If you haven’t read them yet, hopefully the excerpt that I’ve pulled together from the book here will pique your interest, so go read it! =)

The Archeron Sisters

“The three girls were born into a wealthy merchant family with parents who only cared about their money and social standing. Their mother died with Feyre (the youngest) was 8; and their father lost their fortune three years later. Their father sold everything to pay off his debts, moved them into a hovel, and didn’t bother to find work while he let them slowly starve for years.”


Feyre was 14 years old when the last of the money ran out and even though she was the youngest, she went into the forest and taught herself to hunt. She managed to keep them alive (if not near starvation) for 5 years until…everything happened. She yearns to be loved by her older sisters and indifferent father and tries her best to keep the family together. She is a survivor and very independent and loves to paint.



Elain, the middle sister has golden brown hair, and she is gentle and kind. She is the softest and most naive of the three and has a love of gardening. Her greatest ambition is to marry into a good family and be a good wife.



Nesta is the oldest and is usually selfish, cold, and distant towards everyone but Elain. She does nothing to help Feyre provide for the family but expects to spend the money Feyre obtains on frivolous items. Although she has a hard exterior and doesn’t show affection or emotions freely, she is fiercely protective of both of her sisters and resents her father the most for not doing anything to save their family.

The three sisters get separated by an event as once again Feyre does what she can in order to save her two sisters. Throughout the three books, Feyre finds love, lost, and love again. Without giving away too much, they eventually reunite under devastating circumstances and must learn to trust and love each other in their new life. There’s also a bunch of amazing characters and great romance. =)


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