October 6, 2016

Our anniversary photos!

Before I became a photographer, I always wondered…how do photographers pick who takes photos of them? Over the last 4 years my tastes and styles have changed dramatically. I find myself wishing I could redo my wedding or get married again! Of course I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding photos, I just wished I could change the little things. Like the dress, the colors, the bouquets. Stuff that changes as your taste changes.

If you know me or follow me on social media…you’ll know that I have a partner in crime, and her name is Ashley of Ashley Rae Photography. I can’t remember when exactly the two of us became friends but boy am I glad to have met her! The two of us have a standing agreement that we would trade photo sessions of the other whenever we needed it, no matter how busy we were. I had the liberty of taking Ashley’s head shots at Watson Lake last year, and they are some of my (and hers!) favorite photos! So this year when I wanted to do an anniversary/vow renewal session with the hubby, I knew I had to have Ashley behind the lens! Even with her busy schedule, she was totally down for an adventure with us!

If you follow me, you’d also know that I have the BEST bridal salon in town to go to for the most beautiful gowns! Brenda at Bella Lily Bridal have been my go to whenever I am in need of a gorgeous gown for a styled shoot so I figured I would ask  her (nervously) if she wouldn’t mind letting me wear one for our anniversary session. Of course she said yes! I was super torn between two dresses and ultimately went with this amazing beaded strapped WTOO Elise gown. This dress is so different than my original wedding dress which is why I love it!

No anniversary session is complete without beautiful flowers! So I roped in Kat over at Bloom & Blueprint to put together a bouquet and floral crown for me. Kat totally came through like she always does! Then I had the amazing Erica  come over to finish my look with her skills in hair and makeup.

In this industry, I work with some AMAZING people. But THESE ladies are so talented in what they do, I knew I could trust them to bring my vision to life.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our anniversary session and I highly suggest you guys do ones too!

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