October 27, 2015

Our 3 year anniversary!


Story of us:

Today is the day! We’ve now been married for 3 years, dating for 6. I can’t believe how the time has flown by! Today I am getting a little bit personal on the blog and telling you about the story of US. My husband’s name is Wing (as he like to say, “It’s Wing, like chicken Wing”). I was working at Pearson as a sales operations specialist and he was up a floor in tech support. If you don’t know my husband…you should. Everyone knows him and he gets along with EVERY. BODY. He would always come down to my floor and hang around my team chatting with Denise and Darshon and everyone else. I was always like “who IS this guy…gessh!” Slowly we became friends. All of my coworkers would tell me he liked me but I was always said to them, nah we’re just friends because he is an amazing friend. He’s the one who would wake up at 6am to help you move, drive you home if you were drunk (most likely he was drunk with you though and slept on the floor together), buy your pregnant wife donuts when he’s on the way home because he knows that she was craving it. He’s the one friend that every one loves and loves to be around. He’s THAT guy in the group, the teddy bear. I’ll admit, I did put him in the friend zone for a while there and even tried to set him up with one of my friends. LOL But he never gave up. During the time when I was obsessing over the Twilight series, he even bought all of the books and read them to try to have something to talk with me about. But over time we started to hang out more and more together and it wasn’t until a family tragedy that brought my feelings to the surface. We started dating in November of 2009 and by March I had moved in. Wing is a HUGE HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan and I’ve kind of married into it. I now cheer for the Cowboys whenever they are playing and even own some Cowboy gear. He has the Cowboys star tattooed on his bicep. Which tells you who he loves more (Romo). I think if Romo and I were hanging off a cliff, he would save me but who knows 😉 We share a love for all things…nerdy. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and am glad I was able to get him into Mugglenet. We went to Harry Potter world in Florida with our friends one year and each bought a wand and we may have or may have not had a duel or two…We also love board games, Cranium is my favorite but lately we’re kind of obsessed with Settlers of Catan. Okay – I had started this post to be romantic and write about our love story but it just turned kind of nerdy all of a sudden. Oh well, I’m no Jordan Demos and not so great at the writing part. So feast your eyes on pictures! I’ll follow up on this post with a blog about my wedding planning catastrophes! It’s a good one 😉


Check out our wands! We have Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and the Elder Wand. My favorite souvenir by far!283449_2159546424946_113510751-1394194313-O

Some engagement photos by Brittany Janelle:

This one sums up our life – he makes me laugh till I can’t breathe.


And my favorite wedding photos:


He got me my first full frame camera as a wedding gift.


Some snapshots of our life.






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