August 7, 2015

JQP Travels: Moorea French Polynesia

For this post I am throwing it way back to 2012. French Polynesia has to be one of my absolute favorite destinations I’ve ever been to! You know those photos of the overwater bungalows and how sometimes the photos look better than the real thing? Well in this case, being there was 1000% better than what the photos look like. We picked this is our honeymoon destination when we got married in 2012. I was definitely worried about what the actual location would look like and how everything would turn out. But this vacation ended up being absolutely amazing! We decided on the tiny island of Moorea instead of Bora Bora due to costs since Moorea was significantly less expensive than Bora Bora but yielded the same things we wanted. After doing tons of research, we settled on the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and booked it through Costco travels. We took the red eye out of Los Angeles and arrived at the airport in Tahiti¬†which was only about an 8 hour flight. We arrived in the airport and waited in their VIP lounge where we had fresh cocktails and wet towels waiting for us. We then had to take a catamaran from Tahiti to Moorea but it was a huge boat…ship…boat where we were able to spread out and take scenic photos as we got near Moorea.


This was right at the beginning when I was just getting started in photography. My husband was a willing model.


Fresh fruit at the Moorea port.



We’ve arrived!



Once we arrived at the hotel, we got upgraded to a premium location where the bungalows were much further out in the water and gave us 360 degree views of the beautiful mountains. That just meant a further walk for us from the lobby to our room but trust me, we were not complaining! All of the overwater bungalows had a glass floor where you could see down to the clear water below and your deck opens straight out into your very own personal private deck where you can dive right into the ocean to snorkel! It was AMAZING. Our hotel had a special crepes bar that opened at night where you can get nutella freaken crepes and watch black tipped sharks swim in the lagoon below.



Our very own private deck overlooking the ocean and mountains.


View of our bungalow from the ocean. I’m wearing a rash guard cuz that heat is intense and I get heat rashes easily. But YOLO


Can we go back now??


Snorkeling all day every day!


I didn’t need floaties because the water was only about 4-5ft tall where our bungalow was so I could definitely tip toe out further away without worrying about drowning lol


For our excursions we decided on a 4×4 Safari sightseeing tour that lasted about 4 hours where they took us to explore the beautiful island of Moorea. They took us all over the island and after a near death car ride up to the top of a mountain where I for sure thought we were going to drive right off the cliff, we had the most amazing views of the water and various resorts down below. After that we went “hiking” in their jungle. I saying “hiking” because this girl does not hike, it was rather a very slow walk with me stopping to rest every 100 steps.


This photo is funny because we DID NOT intentional wear matching clothes. It wasn’t until I looked at this photo afterwards that it hit me we’re both wearing green shirts and tan shorts haha. And also, T-rex hates high fives.


Our other once in a lifetime excursion which made me a little nervous was snorkeling with manta rays and BLACK TIPPED SHARKS. But these sharks are so used to these excursions and being fed that they didn’t try to take a bite out of my leg. Thank goodness. I came back from the trip with all my limbs intact. Take THAT shark week!



Out of all the trips we’ve taken I would say that this trip ranks #1 on our list (or maybe a tie between this and our St. John trip) and was definitely worth every dime. So if you’re searching for a once in a lifetime honeymoon destination, check out Moorea! And bring lots of money cuz the cokes here were $6 a can. (Coke the drink, not the drug)

Check back here next week where I will recap our other amazing trip to St. John!


View this video of me feeding the fishes with bread:



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